Foot Notes Studio Calendar

The All Classes Calendar for Foot Notes Dance Studio displays the following items. First, times and dates for all regularly scheduled dance classes offered by Foot Notes Dance Studio. Secondly, regularly recurring space rentals from third party dance groups. Thirdly, scheduled dances and events, like Workshops. Private lesson times, in contrast, are not shown on the All Classes Calendar for Foot Notes Dance Studio!

Generally speaking as well, Foot Notes Dance Studio closes Ballroom classes for long weekends. Usually, if the holiday falls on a Monday, like Heritage Days, we will be closed on the Sunday, but open on  for classes the evening of the Monday. Similarly, If the holiday falls on a Friday, we will be closed on the Sunday as well. Private lessons and Wedding Dance lessons are a different story. These lessons are scheduled in consultation with your instructor, and can be booked anytime.

Looking to rent space for a class or to book some lessons? Here's a little tip; We have two beautiful ballrooms in our studio. For the most part, they are empty all day long! If you are looking for practice space, space to run a fitness or yoga class, or some other low impact activity, consider weekdays during the daytime. In contrast, evening space is very hard to come by.

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Foot Note’s team of dedicated instructors can be found teaching classes at our three Edmonton locations - Whitemud, Riverbend or Downtown. Come visit us, check out our virtual tour, or contact us today for more information!