Ballroom Level 1.5

Level 1.5 is offered in six week sessions. Each session covers 2 dances. Each dance is taught for 3 consecutive weeks. We will also add 2Step to your repertoire.
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Course content by dance
Waltz – Progressive change steps, Left rotating box, Balance steps, Box with underarm turn, Simple Twinkle
Rumba –  X-Body Lead, Outside Partner, Slow Underarm Turn, Open Break to Underarm Turn
Jive – Wrap, Tummy Slide, Tummy Slide with Wrap ending, Free Spins, and Shoulder check
Foxtrot – Zig Zag, Right Rock Turn, Sway Step, Promenade, Promenade with Underarm Turn
2Step  –   Starter Step, Basic, Wrap, Wrap to Walkout, Sweetheart, Checks to turn, Sweetheart to Wrap

For the time being due to COVID-19 restrictions we cannot accept registration from singles. Please register with a partner. There will be no partner changes during the class, and physical distancing measures will be in effect.

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