Bronze Level Class

Bronze 1 introduces students to dances from the International (Standard & Latin) Syllabi. Material is taught in 6 week rotations, 2 dances per rotation.

Bronze 2 & Silver material is taught in 4 week rotations, 1 dance per rotation.

New dances offered in Bronze 1 are Quickstep, Samba and International Rumba. Students at this level are expected to have completed the requisite number of rotations in Level 1.5 in order to ensure proficiency in the dances they choose to work on, or have prior equivalent dance experience. We offer discounts for students who purchase multiple courses at the same time!

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Package Pricing!

Same Session Package Pricing is available for students who wish to do more than one course per session.
For example; Let's say you enroll in a Bronze class on Monday, and would also like to enroll in a class on Friday. No problem! We'll discount the Friday course so you only pay $59! If you also want to take one of the other Bronze classes, we'll include that one for $49! All you have to do is purchase all 3 courses as part of a package.

Regular price for 1 course is  $79+gst/person
Buy 2 courses as a package for use in the same session, the second course costs $59+gst/person
Buy 3 or more courses as a package for use in the same session, the additional courses costs $49+gst/person

To take advantage of package pricing, please login to your Foot Notes / Mindbody Online account. If you are a new student or don't have a login and password yet, please contact us at 780 469 3281 or email us at

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Bronze Level Course Content by Dance


Samba movement, Forward and Back Basic, Side to side Basic, Whisks, Samba Box, Extended Box with Voltas, Samba Walks, Forward and Back Spirals, Reverse Samba Walk, Promenade and Counter Promenade Bota Fogos.


Basic in swing hold, Fallaway Rock, Fallaway Throwaway, Change of Place, Stop and Go, Link, Walks, Hip Bump, Spanish Arms.


1-3 Alternate Basic, Natural Top, Opening Out L&R, Natural Opening out to Fan, Hockey Stick, Alemana From OFP.


Prep Step, Natural Turn, Right and Left Foot Change, Reverse Turn, Whisk, Chasse from Promenade, Spin Turn.


Quarter Turn Right, Progressive Chasse, Forward Lock, Natural Turn w/ Hesitation, Back Lock, Closed Impetus Turn, Tipple Chasse to Right.


Tango Walks, Progressive Link, Closed Promenade, Rock Turn, Progressive Side Step, Reverse Turn Lady outside, Back Corte


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