Level 2.0 Classes

In Level 2, there is wider variety of course options. Material is still taught in 6 week rotations, 2 dances per rotation. Students at this level are expected to have completed the requisite number of rotations in Level 1.5 in order  to insure proficiency in the dances they choose to work on. Students are encouraged to take 2 classes a week!
Material can also be supplemented with workshops and/or private lessons if desired!

Course content by dance
Cha Cha : Outside Partner, The Chase, Shadow Position, Butterfly, Alternating Underarm Turn
Salsa; Ladies Inside turn with Shoulder lead, Ladies Inside turn with Waist lead, Open Break to Shoulder turn,Back Pass, The Spiral
Jive: Throw Out, Hip Bump, Back Hand Change, Shoulder Slide, Sliding Doors
Foxtrot: Simple Twinkle, Sway Step with Underarm turn, Promenade Pivot, Promenade Twinkles
Waltz: Two Way Underarm turn, Balance and 1/2 box, Progressive Twinkles, Right Turning box, Face to Face, Back to Back
Rumba: Cross Over Breaks with Underarm Turn, Cross Over Breaks and Side Rocks, Open Rumba Walks, Shoulder Check
2StepA: Inside turn to wrap, Check turns in wrap, Inside turn to sweetheart, Check turns in sweetheart, Wrap to Sweetheart, Sweetheart to Wrap
2StepB: Inside turn to back line of dance, Grapevine Forward and back, Wrap to walk out
2stepC: Inside turn to closed, Outside turn to closed, Inside/Outside turn combination, Basket whip to closed, Basket whip with outside turn to closed
2stepD: Right turning basic w/natural finish, Outside turn to shoulder catch, Box weave, Promenade Pivot