These courses are 6 hours in duration. In each session you'll be introduced to 2 dances - you will do 1 dance for 3 weeks followed by another dance for 3 weeks in most of the classes. No partner required!
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Level 1 Class Choices:

Rumba/ChaCha: Rumba and ChaCha are Latin in origin and are closely related! Rumba is a little slower tempo and is based on a box step. ChaCha is slightly faster and dances side to side, back and forth.

Two Step/Six Step: Generally associated with Country Music these dances are progressive, moving counter clockwise around the dance floor. Two Step dances to quick-quick-slow-slow rhythm, while Six Step borrows from swing rhythm!

Waltz/Foxtrot: Waltz and Foxtrot are 2 of the most useful dances you can learn! Waltzes are unique in that they are written in 3/4 time. They cross all genres of music and can be progressive or stationary. American Foxtrot embraces popular music but is particularly well suited to big band and rat pack era music!

Jive/Salsa: Jive (single time) is the first dance a lot of people learned in junior high phys ed! It is energetic, forgiving, and dances to a broad range of tempi like rock n' roll. Salsa is an American dance that is not unlike Jive, but that finds its roots in fast, energetic Latin music.

Triple Jive/Tango: Triple Jive is fast moving and energetic - like single time Jive but with a lot more steps! Ballroom Tango is a dance that is performed to music in the 30mpm range - very dramatic!

Samba/Bachata: Samba's origin is Brazil! Infectious 2/4 time rhythm at 5ompm just makes you want to get up and dance! Bachata originates in the Dominican Republic and is suitable for cool latin beats in the 27 to 38mpm range!

Hustle/Nightclub 2: Originally developed in the 1970's for disco music, Hustle is still a very useful dance today for all genres of music. Nightclub 2 is designed for slower rock and roll and country ballad like music (50 to 90 beats per minute) .

Quickstep/Viennese Waltz: Characterized by high energy, fast footwork and flight, Quickstep is a perennial favourite among Ballroom dancers! Viennese Waltz is the classic "Ballroom" dance - think whirling and spinning around the floor at 58mpm.

Level 1 Two Step and West Coast Swing are offered as 6 hour single dance classes.

Two Step: This 6 hour class teaches students the basics of Two Step in a mini routine format!

West Coast Swing: West Coast Swing is a popular form of swing dance that crosses many musical genres. This 6 hour class focuses on West Coast Swing pushes and passes!

Session Price:

First time students take $20.00 off per person!

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Package Pricing!

Same Session Package Pricing is available for students who wish to do more than one course per session.

  • Regular price for 1 course is  $119+gst/person.
  • Buy 2 courses as a package for use in the same session, the second course costs $89+gst/person.
  • Buy 3 or more courses as a package for use in the same session, the additional courses costs $69+gst/person

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