Ballroom Dancing Illustration

Salsa is one of the most popular club dances in Edmonton and there are lot’s of places to dance salsa….including Foot Notes! This 6 hour course teaches the basic moves in club style Salsa, incorporating LA and New York Styles – perfect for people with no experience who want to get started right away!

The Beginner Salsa class introduces you to the rhythm and timing of the music, as well as to technique in leading and following. You will learn basic footwork and dance positions .Learn some fun and easy dance patterns that include single right turns, single left turns, cross body leads, back breaks (Cumbia), and ladies 1 ½ right and left turns. This class will give you all the basics.  Feel confident the next time you go out salsa dancing!!

Come on down to Foot Notes and let instructor Maxwell Aguilar show you the way!

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$75.00 / 5 hour course
$60.00 / 4  hour course
Bonus $30.00 value – First-time students also receive 6 free passes to our Friday night dances held weekly.