Corporate Dance Lessons

Adding a group dance activity is a great way to spice up a corporate event like the annual Christmas party, a convention or a team building retreat!

Dance activities get your people up and moving. They’re perfect for re-energizing a crowd after hours of seminars, speeches or a meal because it gets the blood flowing and gets people moving! Instructor led dance activities are a great way to encourage interaction between co-workers. We can create a high energy atmosphere with frequent partner switches, or we can do line dance or follow the leader activities to achieve the same effect!

Dance lessons can serve to break down barriers and create an accepting culture within the company. Dance activities create an opportunity for people to talk and interact with others they might otherwise never meet.

We make dancing fun; anytime a company can inject fun into people’s lives they feel better about themselves and their company.Foot Notes Dance Studio owner John Dea

Every event is different so we’ll tailor what we do to fit your event. Everything is possible!

We can be present for the whole evening to do lessons. Or we can show up, teach a dance lesson, and then be on our way once people are out on the dance floor – the choice yours. If you have money in the budget for a team building event and you aren’t sure where to go, why not use our dance facility and have our staff host your event! We can provide tables and chairs if required, and can serve refreshments as well. Maybe a group of you at work just want to do something different with your spouses and co-workers. Why not call us and we can set up a private class for your group?

For a quote: Contact us at 780 469 3281 or send us an email with details of your event or to arrange for a group lesson.

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