Clothing: For the weekly dance lessons casual attire is fine (sweat pants or shorts are too casual). For the special dance parties, you should wear something a bit more formal (business casual and up, you can never overdress for a ballroom dance!).

Shoes: We suggest that you consider dance shoes as they actually make dancing easier, but they are not required. Stay away from rubber sole shoes; they will impair your ability to do turns, and they can mark up the dance floor. Clean hard-soled (leather) shoes are ideal.

Shoes that have been worn outside will track in grime, and damage the dance floor; the dirt can also reduce traction on the dance floor, which can be dangerous!

Although we teach partner dancing, it is never required that you bring your own partner. Many people, both male and female attend lessons on their own, and normally there are enough men and women to pair off in any given class. In addition we change partners frequently during class, so there is no advantage to coming with your own partner. Frequent partner changes in class are an important learning tool for all levels of student.
Our program recommends that people change partners in our classes. Learning to dance in a group class is accelerated by dancing with different partners. Dancing with different partners enables you to lead or follow different kinds of dancers. It teaches men and women to adjust their lead and follow, it high-lights ones strengths and weaknesses and it will make you a better dancer faster!

If you attend a group class and only dance with one partner, your learning rate will be significantly reduced. Good drivers are ones experienced with lots of different vehicles, even if the mechanics of driving is the same for all of them.

If you want to dance with only one partner that’s fine, but you might want to consider private lessons where the instructor can focus on each individual’s dancing. Dance with as many different partners as possible to enhance your dancing, practice your leading, and get the most from your classes!