Foot Notes Dance Studio Membership

Lots of “places” offer dance lessons. All you have to do is Google “Dance Lessons Edmonton” and a plethora of “studio” ads appear. You can take lessons through the city, through various educational institutions, and through a variety of individuals who refer to themselves as studios, but who in reality are hobbyists who teach out of community halls, kiddie studios and wherever they can get space. They offer the same courses over and over because they have no way to move students through to higher levels progressively.

Why Become a Foot Notes Dance Studio Member?

Foot Notes Dance Studio has been one of Edmonton’s premiere destinations for dance lessons for over 10 years. Through our program, you can progress from a beginner level dancer to Silver Level dancer in most of the American style Rhythm and Smooth dances. We also include popular International Standard dances like Quickstep, and teach elements of Standard and Latin in our group classes.

We can do this because we have an actual studio, with proper dance floors, sound systems and trained, qualified instructors. We host dances, put on workshops, bring in guest instructors, host galas, have special events, offer private instruction and host private functions.

In addition to all of the above, we offer programs that allow Members to attend what they want, when they want within their chosen programs. We also offer significant discounts to members as a way to let them expand their dance repertoire, experiences and learning, without breaking the bank.

So yeah, we know there are lots of people who offer a “dance class”, but if you’re reading this and are really passionate about learning to dance for more than 8 weeks, maybe you should consider membership with a studio that offers a “dance program”

Ballroom Membership Program

Once a student has completed the Beginner Program, the next step is intermediate Ballroom, followed by Bronze, and then Silver Ballroom. Because Intermediate Ballroom is a big step for most people, we offer it in 6 week sessions, which can be purchased individually (a kind of pay as you go system) or as part of our Monthly Membership Program.Bronze and Silver level classes are only offered as part of a Monthly Membership Program.

The benefits of our Monthly Membership Program go beyond financial savings on the cost of your dance classes. We also now offer discounts on Workshops, Dances, Private lessons and more for monthly students!

To see what we currently teach in Intermediate and Bronze Ballroom, please CLICK HERE!

Unlimited Ballroom Membership

Student can attend as many Intermediate, Bronze or Silver level classes in a week (at their level or below) at any Foot Notes location, as they see fit.

Get more instruction, more practice and meet more people at a lower cost per class!

Unlimited Members will also receive the following benefits:

  • 10% off Salsa, Bachata & Country courses (Not Including Sale Price or Promotional Priced classes unless Member discount is greater.)
  • 10% off private lessons*
  • 20% off workshops
  • 10-15% off specialty classes
  • 20% off party admission
  • 20% off special events

The cost is $109.00+GST per month.

Payments are set up to be taken automatically on the last day of each month and there is a 30 day cancellation policy in effect for this option.
*Private Lessons can only be booked with participating Instructors.

To take advantage of this option please call our offices at 780 469 3281 or email

Limited Ballroom Membership

entitles the member to 5 – one hour classes per month.

Limited Members will also receive the following benefits:

  • 10% off workshops
  • 10% off specialty classes
  • 10% off party admission
  • 10% off special events

The cost is $69.00+GST per month.

*Payments are set up to be taken automatically on the last day of each month and there is a 30 day cancellation policy in effect for this option.

To GET STARTED on your program, we require that you fill out and send the Monthly membership Contract to our office.

You can mail it, email it, or drop it off in person. Sorry, we don’t have a fax machine! Questions? CLICK HERE to drop us a line!