Wedding Packages

Now that life is starting to return to normal post-pandemic conditions, weddings are back on. Whether a simple and elegant dance, or a complex fully choreographed routine, Foot Notes will prepare you for whatever type of dance your heart desires. Perform your personalized wedding dance with the confidence and poise that lessons and practice will give you. Please see below for lesson and lesson package pricing.
THE 911
$276 Per Couple
4 Private lessons
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$399 Per Couple - Save $100!

4-Private Lessons
6- Group Lessons

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$496 Per Couple (10% savings)
8 Private Lessons
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$599 Per Couple - Save over $180!

8-Private Lessons
6- Group Lessons

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Information to Help You Decide Which Package is Best For You

Benefits of a combined Private and Group package

  • Since group lessons are considerably less expensive than private lessons the average cost per lesson is less.
  • The more hours that you spend dancing the more relaxed, comfortable and natural you will look while dancing your first dance. Group lessons are the most economical way to get those dance hours in.
  • Most couples take the group classes first so that by the time you take your private lessons you already know the basics and your teacher will have more time to polish what you already know and have more time to choreograph and add more advanced patterns.
  • In the group lessons you will learn 4 dances, one of which will be style of dance you perform at your wedding. This will allow you to enjoy a whole night of dancing rather than only being able to dance the first dance.
  • You and your fiancee will learn the social dances that you will continue to use your whole life at Weddings, Christmas parties and other social events.

Benefits of a combined Private and Group package

  • The convenience of booking lessons that fit your schedule.
  • The complete attention of an instructor for the entire lesson.
  • To learn as fast as you can handle or as slow as you feel comfortable.
  • To add choreographed components, or non standard elements!

You may choose to purchase a package or you may purchase your lessons on a pay as you go basis. 1 lesson is $69.00+GST.
All private lessons are booked in consultation with one of our instructors by phone or email. Private lessons cannot be booked online!

When & Where

  • For a list of available classes please CLICK HERE
  • Private lessons can be booked by telephone at 780.469.3281 or by email for daytime, evening or weekends.
  • Giving Lessons as a Gift? You can get a gift Certificate Online! CLICK HERE
  • If you’re looking for something fun and different for your stagette/bachelorette try a dance class for ladies only. Check it out on our Stagettes Page.
  • For more information or to book your package call 780.469.3281 or send us an email!