Low Intensity Line Dancing

Line Dance Classes

Low Intensity Line Dancing is a great way to have fun on the dance floor! We keep the physical activity level low intensity, maintain 3 meter spacing and wear masks while doing these dances. You don’t need to have a partner , and you get to meet friends and be part of a group! Last year Line Dance was one of our most popular classes so sign up early to avoid disappointment – class sizes are limited !


All the series are appropriate for all levels. The courses need not be taken in any particular order.

  • Boot Scootin’ Series – Boot Scootin’ Boogie, Hillbilly Dirty Dance, Swingin’ Thing
  • Cadillac Ranch Series – Cadillac Ranch, Good Time, Tush Push
  • C- Boogie Series – C- Boogie, Cowboy Charleston, Take It Back
  • Cowboy Cha Cha Series – Cowboy Cha Cha, 9 to 5, Water
  • Electric Slide Series – Cotton Eyed Joe, Electric Slide, Sex On The Beach, Watermelon Crawl
  • Fake ID Series – Advanced dance Fake ID taught over entire series due to difficulty level.
  • Little Yellow Blanket Series – Cut A Rug, Little Yellow Blanket, Mama’s Little Baby
  • Mustang Series – Bar Stools, Crank My Tractor, Mustang Sally
  • Pontoon Series – Pontoon, Rasputin, The Wobble
  • Romance Series – Cupid Shuffle, Bad Romance (advanced difficulty level dance)
  • Shot Gun Series – Country Slide, Shot Gun Girl, Sugar Pie Honey Bunch
  • Sunshine Series – Blurred Lines, Country Girl, Samba In The Sun
  • Sweet Series – Crime of the Century, EZ Rockin, Sweet Spot
  • Tequila Series – Achy Breaky Heart, Canadian Stomp, He Drinks Tequila
  • Truck Stop Series – Happy, Little Boogie Woogie, Truck Stop & Café
  • West Party Series – Advanced dance West Party taught over entire series due to difficulty level.

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$64.00 / 4 week course

Covid Practices – Participants and their instructor will maintain physical distancing, and instructors will wear PPE where required. Participants are required to wear masks when entering and leaving the studio. but not once situated on their designated dance bubble.You are encouraged to enter the studio with the bare minimum required to take the course. Personal items not required, should be left in your vehicle. There will be assigned chairs for changing shoes and storing personal items. All contact surfaces will be sanitized before and after each class. This is in keeping with Alberta Health Services “Covid 19: General Relaunch Guidelines (June 2020)” as well as guidance for “Live Music,Theater and Dance” (June 25 2020) and “Sport, physical activity and recreation (July 20. 2020)”.To view the original guidance documents, visit https://www.alberta.ca/guidance-documents.aspx#stage2